Media, immediately.

Today I reminisced about the pencil sharpener, and I do not mean the electric-motorized fancy kind; I mean the shiny metal, slow-grinding, dust-spouting kind. It is a tool that has only just reached the point of obsolescence that warrants reminiscence. For something to reach this golden place in my mind, the object must be familiar […]


Alright “Prof,” you had me lost for most of this reading. The problem is that Your Stupid Rage is so incredibly hyper-focused on such a pin-pointedly specific sub-culture, it was often hard to follow. And I am a semi-major soccer fan slash former life-status soccer player. Here are some things that resonated with me throughout […]

Lobster Fest

It was kind of an odd read, “Consider the Lobster.” My major beef with the essay was its organization. I suppose the brunt of his essay regarded the morality behind cooking a lobster. However, Wallace’s introduction was just long enough that I did not know it was a mere introduction, until the end of the […]


One of the most useful tips I took away from the first page of Garr Reynolds’ “presentation zen” blog, besides the fact that I should learn another language on the ASAP, is that the use of effective video in one’s presentation is imperative. I legitimately teared up over Garr’s video of his mother from her […]

Facebook or die.

It saddens me to admit, but I am quite confident that without one or both of the following modes of communication, I would not be able to maintain the demanding social life of the modern-day 22-year-old: texting and Facebook. I was a late bloomer with texting. I was not given the ability to text until […]

Insights Incite Cultural Cultivation

The single most important line in this reading about how to effectively make your organization collaborative, is as follows: “Organizations even adopt tools for the wrong reasons, primarily the belief that tools will create collaboration. Tools merely offer the potential for collaboration. Unlocking the value of tools happens only when an organization fits tools into […]

Zines with Breakfast

TK Zine and Long Shot are 48 hour zines. I’m not sold about the idea of this, about what the zines actually accomplish, and about how broad the spectrum of audience actually reached. Okay that last sentence was confusing but so are these zines. From what I understand, these online magazines were created from top […]