Alright “Prof,” you had me lost for most of this reading. The problem is that Your Stupid Rage is so incredibly hyper-focused on such a pin-pointedly specific sub-culture, it was often hard to follow. And I am a semi-major soccer fan slash former life-status soccer player.

Here are some things that resonated with me throughout the reading, or perhaps they just came to mind in spite of the reading, having arisen out of my lack of inherent understanding of the way certain English Premier League managers react to losses.

I get really intense. Like intense — when it comes to sports, competition, Jeopardy, Applebee’s trivia, whathaveyou — to the point of Phillips’ circumscribed hyper-partisanship. This is, in fact, one of my most unfavorable qualities, which has found me more oft than not red-faced in situations where I refuse to admit defeat (be it in rightness, team victory, accuracy of actresses in movies, etc.).

Anyway, the moral of the story is that even though I did not thoroughly enjoy this reading (save the witty jab at water polo), Phillips has a point. When you get too hot-headed over something, which had originally arisen as a beautiful display of truly intrinsic passion, it is hard to let go; rather, admit your faults and try to work your way back to the place whence you came. The regression from passion to hyper-partisanship is so gradual that you do not realize what you have lost until you have plunged so embarrassingly deep into the abyss of Archie Bunkerdom that you refuse to acknowledge the repugnant beast you have become. And what you have lost, using Phillips’ analogy, is you care for “the game itself, or the truth, or just being a reasonable person.”

And in some more severe cases: relations with people you love.

So take Phillips’ advice — no matter how wrapped it may be in layers of vapidly uninteresting soccer references feigning a “holier-than-thou” knowledge of the culture, and just be passionate without being incorrigible.

Ref: http://www.runofplay.com/2011/05/05/your-stupid-rage-2/


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