One of the most useful tips I took away from the first page of Garr Reynolds’ “presentation zen” blog, besides the fact that I should learn another language on the ASAP, is that the use of effective video in one’s presentation is imperative. I legitimately teared up over Garr’s video of his mother from her wedding day in the 1950s. I want to have the same effect on people through our presentation. Okay, maybe not bittersweet tears, but I want to at least hold their interest through use of video.

I just have NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS. Perhaps show video of the child stars as we knew them in their moments of innocence? But that’s just depressing. Show that famous YouTube video of Lindsay Lohan where it ages her from 6 years old to 25? Also depressing. This will take some serious consideration from our group. 

What we really need is a vision for our presentation, which at this point no one seems to have. I watch these TED videos and I want my presentation to be no less genius than any one of them, which is impossible. 



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