Facebook or die.

It saddens me to admit, but I am quite confident that without one or both of the following modes of communication, I would not be able to maintain the demanding social life of the modern-day 22-year-old: texting and Facebook.

I was a late bloomer with texting. I was not given the ability to text until my sixteenth birthday, which by that time, a majority of the kids in my high school were already texting invites to soccer team dinners, band picnics, movie nights on weekends, etc. Luckily for me, I was in a tight-knit circle of friends, so they acknowledged my social handicap and would always call me if I didn’t receive the mass text. Furthermore, I had “fb” as a backup. Typically, what I missed in text messaging, I made up for in fb “Event Invites.”

Anyway, I digress. To answer this week’s response question regarding “how the communications tools you are using influence (or don’t influence) the kinds of groups or communities you belong to,” I would start by making the brash claim that one cannot function socially without succumbing to the time-wasting world of social networking. I do not like Facebook, I often find myself desiring to “deactivate” it (once you have an account on Facebook, you cannot actually delete it…scary). However, what keeps my account activated is the thought of “missing out” on some big event, or even neglecting my mass video message between my best friends. Those same friends who always called me to keep me socially-informed throughout high school, now live all up and down the east coast and mid-west, and fb is a convenient, albeit soul-sucking, way to keep in touch with them, à la video gossip.

The community I belong to is society; the communications tools necessary: Facebook and texting.


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