Insights Incite Cultural Cultivation

The single most important line in this reading about how to effectively make your organization collaborative, is as follows: “Organizations even adopt tools for the wrong reasons, primarily the belief that tools will create collaboration. Tools merely offer the potential for collaboration. Unlocking the value of tools happens only when an organization fits tools into collaborative culture and processes.”

Rosen has it right, and is reiterating Shirky’s major point throughout Here Comes Everybody: “Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technology, it happens when society adopts new behaviors.”

How does this relate to our group project? I personally feel that my group has worked together tremendously well thus far. I can say with confidence, that it is the most efficient group I have ever worked with at any point during my many years of schooling, probably because we have the capacity to collaborate, and the tools to cultivate such collaboration. What my group has achieved is a physical manifestation of the notion “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We each have our own responsibilities, but because of the technology of Google Docs, we are all actively made aware of each others’ contributions to our Zine, as well as given the opportunity to interactively edit one another’s works “on the fly.” Thus, each piece we produce has the best of all of our efforts integrated into it.

I think I am fortunate in the sense that Jordan, Trisha, Danny, and I have been working together in such a way that we are able to use collaborative tools to their fullest potential. In this way, we have already remedied the “culture” part of our group so that it is conducive to integrating new collaborative tools. Lucky for us, our group is only at 4 members so we do not have to worry about hierarchy, red tape, or hindered communication. We all communicate with one another, try to be as honest as possible, and as a result, we have had a remarkably pleasant experience working with one another — I think I speak for all of us when I say that.


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