Celebrizine: Content vs. Medium

We decided to use WordPress to publish Celebrizine, for a couple of reasons. First of all, we all have some experience using the site (because of our personal blogs). Secondly, WordPress is relatively easy to use, understand, and read, while possessing an academic reputation.

The trick to using the site as a Zine is finding a “theme” that supports the elements of a magazine. Basically, it needs to have at least 2 different menu styles (one for articles, and one for miscellaneous), an attractive, professional- looking header, and enough flexibility that is conducive to the group’s “creative juices.” We found a pretty nice theme called “Style,” that is, for our intents and purposes thus far, working nicely with Celebrizine. We are able to put the “About Us,” “Recommendations,” “Artwork,” “Editorial,” and “Mission Statement” as separate pages (with a menu along the top), and then the articles populate much of the space on our homepage, and are arranged by decade.

Anyway, I would call this current WordPress theme our “working model” for our final Zine. It is working thus far, and we are adding to it periodically as we finish individual textual pieces. We shall see if it becomes our final submission for this project, though at this point in time I think it will.


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