Zines with Breakfast

TK Zine and Long Shot are 48 hour zines. I’m not sold about the idea of this, about what the zines actually accomplish, and about how broad the spectrum of audience actually reached. Okay that last sentence was confusing but so are these zines.

From what I understand, these online magazines were created from top to bottom in 48 hours, which does in fact demonstrate collaborative effort at its most time-sensitive. What this means is that writers, illustrators, editors, experts, amateur bloggers, and data analyzers had to come together to produce unique ideas that would be output in a common medium, under a very broad umbrella theme.

Still skeptical.

What changed me from a skeptic to a supporter was the article about JB’s Comeback Sauce (http://one.longshotmag.com/article/going-for-seconds). So much so, in fact, that I wanted to buy the T-shirt almost immediately. I digress.

What was impressive about this story, and a few others like it (This Isn’t Why You’re Fat, and An American Anniversary), is that it was a quick read that packed a punch. By that, I mean that in the 4 minutes it took me to read the article, I could taste the Comeback Sauce, I could smell the old alcohol and cigarettes on JB’s breath, I wanted to meet the concoct-er of the sauce, and I wanted to immediately practice the ways of the South. Granted, it is my personality to be deeply affected by short inspirational readings of the like, in a very superficial, non-committal way. What this Zine accomplished for me that was different is that it made me believe that I could, or at least I could strive to be a contributor for the next edition of Longshot. It would be great practice, and if selected would be something I could put on a future resume.

What it didn’t do was put me at ease about our upcoming group project…


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