Tales of the Ever-Lasting Peach-Eater


I always love a quaint story about awesome old people. This one brought a feel-good tear-membrane to my ever-dry eye. I don’t know whether or not this text would be classified as an article, but regardless it was an inspiring little anecdote. Jesslyn, our author and narrator, details a regular morning with her spunky 95-year-old grandmother Gigi. In this story, our author visits her grandmother’s house to do some weekly grocery shopping. Upon no answer at the front door, Jesslyn circles the house knowing that her grandmother has not yet inserted her hearing-aid for the day. The story continues as one of Gigi’s peers passes away, and Jess questions her on the secret to a long life.

Interestingly enough about this “news” website The Hairpin is that it nicely illustrates the major shift that is happening right now in the way we produce and access news. Because the venue has changed, so has the writing style. Due to the advent of the internet, news is accessible, and thus creatable, by everyone. Naturally this causes a stylistic change in the format of news. I love that this “article” is not really an article at all but rather a heart-warming recount of a girl’s life lessons from her grandmother. What makes the text so readable is the specificity with which the author describes her grandmother, from Gigi’s “gigantic panties” (and careful hair-fluffing), to her preferred method of eating peaches (skinless), to her essential old person equipment (“7X power magnifying glass with the built-in LED,” hearing aid, and bourbon). Just when things couldn’t get more poignant, Gigi reveals her secret to her long, healthy life: “I stay happy, Baby. And I eat lots of fruit.”


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